Your Medical Records

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a Patient focused solution for managing your Health



~ Creating a 360 degree view of patient health through consolidation of all medical records to improve clinical transparency ~

"Your Health, Your records"


Holistic Approach

The patient journey consists of many different types of medical records across a diverse field of specialties. Taking a 360 degree patient-centric approach is key to managing crucial information.


Having a secure way of sharing your health records with clinical staff is important. Our sharing feature will offer several ways to share this information in an easy and secure way. Collaborating with healthcare providers using your original records is crucial to accessing valid information to make proper medical decisions.


Your medical records should be available whenever and where ever you are in the world. With our secure cloud-based platform, we ensure your records are accessible when you need them the most.


Patient medical records require the highest level of security to protect the ownership, accessibility, and usage. Our solution places the utmost priority on the handling of your data. This starts with the development of our solution all the way through how your records are gathered and used throughout your journey.


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